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It started around 2007. Our youngest daughter, as a top-level youth athlete in gymnastics and soccer, was having trouble keeping weight on. Sure, she worked out a lot, but she seemed just plain worn out a lot. That's when Keena in "Momma-bear" mode started using her science and research background to start poking around. Western medicine was mostly wanting to "prescribe" something. We wanted answers. And so the journey began into our entire family changing our diets, finding out the truth about food in America, how it affects our health and living with modified grains, high levels of gluten, and all kinds of other things that were giving us brain fog, rashes, stomach aches and more - but like many, we just accepted the symptoms and pain as part of life. HOW WRONG WE WERE!   Keena's amazing cookbook has over 100 recipes and lots of full-page, color photos and a photo for almost every recipe. She includes great tasting recipes for breakfasts, salads, veggies, main dishes and sweet treats (desserts). Her entire goal was to make food that tastes great AND is good for you. (Kind of like the old Life Cereal commercial! "Hey, Mikey likes it!" Well, we LOVE it!)    Look for more info and videos coming from Keena in the future as we continue on this journey of healthy living and eating.  As Keena likes to say, "Living the adventure of life includes healthy eating!"


It is our goal to provide the best information to allow for healthy living and eating

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Offering hands-on, personalized training specially designed for people new to

lifestyle changes necessary due to gluten sensitivities and food-related allergies.


Keena Stainbrook

With a degree in biology and background as a science teacher and researcher, Keena's practical approach to healthy living and dedication to creating recipes that are not only good for you, but taste great too! Her work as a personal chef and culinary artist along with her deep understanding of the physiological effects dealing with food sensitivities is changing people's lives on a daily basis.   

The Essential GF, DF, Paleo/Vegan


Family food allergies or sensitivities? This is a DIY guide for healthy cooking and eating! As a spouse, mother and biologist, I wrote this for myself and my friends who were struggling with gluten allergies and other food sensitivities. The goal was to make tasty and delicious options (using my science background and kids as taste-testers) that were easy to accomplish with an easy-to-revamp pantry in a regular kitchen without spending a fortune. This journey has been amazing and my family is happier and knowledgeable making great choices for healthy eating, cooking, and living! You'll find the cookbook outlined with breakfast, snacks, salads, main dishes and desserts with over 50 recipes that you'll find easy, healthy AND delicious!

Available on AMAZON in Print and Kindle version!


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